Services - Video

Name Company Type Web url
James Kendal Music, Photography, Technical, Video
James Scobbie Raintree Photography & Video Inc Photography, Video
Jennifer Jones Joy of Dance Centre Film, Music, Photography, Video, Web, Other
Kent Fletcher Gotta Dance Inc Film, Photography, Video
Menaka Thakkar Menaka Thakkar Dance Company Costumes, Photography, Video
Natalie Parkinson Hercinia Arts Collective Film, Photography, Video
Nick de Pencier Mercury Films Inc Film, Video
Richard Munter Munter Westermann Arts & Media Photography, Video, Web
Samara Thompson Video, Other Samara Thompson
Jarucha Janmekha The Toronto Thai Dramatic Arts Troupe Costumes, Video, Web The Toronto Thai Dramatic Arts Troupe
Janie Charocopos J'Danse Studio Costumes, Photography, Video J'Danse Studio - Dance Classes
Max Archiputra DanceLife X Centre Costumes, Film, Music, Photography, Technical, Video, Web Dance Classes Toronto
Nathlineen Doung DARK Dance Costumes, Film, Music, Photography, Technical, Video, Web, Other DARK Dance Company Page
Jacob Niedzwiecki Film, Technical, Video, Web Choreographer / Director / Programmer
Timothy A. Campbell Silveredge Images Limited Film, Photography, Video
Colleen Snell Frog in Hand Costumes, Music, Video Frog in Hand website
Pablito Greco Xtango Film, Music, Photography, Video, Web Pablito Greco - Dancer, Choreographer, Researcher