Services - Photography

Name Company Type Web url
Ali Nejati 585 Production Photography, Other
Irina Popova Brightway Photography Photography
Jamee Valin Valence Movement (Dance Theatre) Photography
James Kendal Music, Photography, Technical, Video
James Scobbie Raintree Photography & Video Inc Photography, Video
Jennifer Jones Joy of Dance Centre Film, Music, Photography, Video, Web, Other
Jennifer Watkins Open Arts Photography
Kent Fletcher Gotta Dance Inc Film, Photography, Video
Menaka Thakkar Menaka Thakkar Dance Company Costumes, Photography, Video
Natalie Parkinson Hercinia Arts Collective Film, Photography, Video
Paul DeVisser Photography
Peter Lear FotoDances Photography
Peter Stipcevich STIPCO Photo Photography
Sashar Zarif Sashar Zarif Dance Theatre Costumes, Film, Music, Photography
Kylie Thompson Kylie Thompson Dance Photography
Iden Ford Iden Ford Photography Photography
Janie Charo J'Danse Studio Costumes, Photography, Video J'Danse Studio - Dance Classes
Max Archiputra DanceLife X Centre Costumes, Film, Music, Photography, Technical, Video, Web Dance Classes Toronto
Nathlineen Doung DARK Dance Company Costumes, Film, Music, Photography, Technical, Video, Web, Other DARK Dance Company Page
Timothy A. Campbell Silveredge Images Limited Film, Photography, Video
Romy Riley Romy Riley Photography Photography Dance Photographer
Irina Popova Irina Popova Photography Photography Irina Popova Photography
Cynthia Summers Cynthia Summers Photography Photography
Pablito Greco Xtango Film, Music, Photography, Video, Web Pablito Greco - Dancer, Choreographer, Researcher
Mark Ruddick LondonDancePhoto Photography London Dance Photo
Alvin Collantes Gaga - Ohad Naharin's Movement Language Photography Alvin Collantes Dance - Gaga/dancers & Gaga/people in Ontario
Samntha Shaw Shaw’s Dance Costumes, Film, Music, Photography, Video, Web
Karen Rodriguez Abanico Dance Costumes, Film, Music, Photography, Video, Web Abanico Dance
Jacqueline Cook... JCB Danceworks Costumes, Music, Photography, Video JCB Danceworks
Mi Young Kim Korean Dance Studies Society Canada Costumes, Music, Photography, Video
ACE Dance Theat... Costumes, Film, Photography, Video, Web Website: ACE Dance Theatre & The Ballet Lab
Umesh Anavkar Costumes, Photography, Video
Geanderson Mello MillO Dance Projects Costumes, Film, Photography, Video, Web