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Welcome to our membership page, we’re so happy you’re here.


Ontario needs dance now more than ever. By becoming a member this year, you support the work that Dance Ontario does to keep the dance community sustainable, thriving, and open to all of those who rely on it for both their physical and mental health.

We recognize that the pandemic has reshaped the landscape of dance for the foreseeable future. Our focus in 2022 is to offer tailored supports and services that work in the new world we’re all living in.

What a Dance Ontario Membership Does for You.

We offer yearly memberships that grant access to our programs, advocacy resources, supports, and promotions. Whether you’re an Ontario studio seeking representation or an individual in dance performance that is looking to join a larger community — we’re here for you. We offer 5 distinct membership packages with personalized benefits. You can sign-up at any time through our website or by mail. Membership is valid throughout the year in which it is purchased (2022 membership expires Dec 31, 2022).

How to Become a Member

There are two options for 2022 Membership registration:

Online: Click here to register now
Mail-in: Click here to download the application form

Completed form and cheque for membership fee can be mailed to:

Dance Ontario Association
The Distillery District
15 Case Goods Lane, Ste 304
Toronto, ON
M5A 3C4

If you are an existing member or already have a Dance Ontario membership account, please click here to renew your membership.

Some of the many benefits a Dance Ontario membership offers include:

Gathering and sharing data on what we need in order to best advocate for, and with the dance community.

Continuing to keep you up to date on the current events of dance in Ontario.

Promoting our members with listings in our online directory, referrals, and Monthly Member highlights

Showcasing the breadth and diversity of dance practice in the province at the Digital edition of #DanceWeekend21 this Spring.

Supporting local creativity and talent through the Creative Partnerships Commissions.

Highlighting contributions to our community with the Dance Ontario Awards.

Supporting your work with Professional Development Opportunities including a NEW Workshop Series delivered completely free of charge to all members.

Ensuring safe and respectful training & workplace environments by offering a discount on Respect Group programs for Dance Ontario members.

Helping you stay connected with a discounted subscription to The Dance Current Magazine.

Protecting your organization with a personal consultation with Front Row Insurance Brokers.

Negotiated agreements with SOCAN and Re:Sound for members.

Giving you unprecedented access to knowledge acquired through years of experience in the world of dance and science with a 25% discount for Pivot Dancer's knowledge sharing platform.

And a number of additional performance and participatory events and exclusive discounts to be announced throughout the year.

Learn more about the exclusive discounts and services we offer HERE.

Range of Membership Tiers Available:

Group - $80/yr

Are you a dance studio, company, school or association in the field of dance?
Benefit highlights:
Promotion on website and Directory
Website Ad discount
Personal Consultation with Victor Carreiro at Front Row Insurance Brokers

Individual - $40/yr

Are you a dancer, choreographer or teacher by trade?
Benefit Highlights:
Access to $90 SOCAN license
Promotion on website and Directory
Creative Partnerships Commissions for DanceWeekend

Student - $10/yr

Are you attending school full-time and under 24 years of age?
Benefit Highlights:
Headlines Newsletter
Access to $90 SOCAN license
Access to all discounts

Affiliate - $25/yr

Are you affiliated with an existing member group of Dance Ontario?
Benefit Highlights:
Headlines Newsletter
Access to all discounts
Access to community events

Associate - $25/yr

Are you interested in dance as a hobby (not your profession)?
Benefit Highlights:
Headlines Newsletter
Access to all discounts
Access to community events

Full list of benefits for each membership tier can be downloaded here.


How long do memberships last?

  • Membership is valid throughout the year in which it is purchased. This means that any memberships purchased in 2022 will be valid until Dec 31, 2022. You can register for membership at any time.

Do memberships roll over?

  • If you register online via credit card, your membership will automatically renew each January (you can cancel at any point).
  • Manual renewal is required for those who pay for membership by cheque.

What do the different tiers of membership entail?

  • Different members of the community have different needs. In order to accommodate everyone effectively, we offer a selection of membership tiers, each with their own tailored benefits. Click here for further details on all of our membership tier offerings.

As a member, what opportunities are there to get involved in the Association’s operations?

  • All members are encouraged to vote on key issues at our annual general meeting.
  • To become more involved in the association’s decision-making process, apply to become a board member or to join one of our Committees.

Who do I contact for more information about membership?