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51 Days: ꜟArte Flamenco!

DanceWeekend'20 is 51 days away and today we are featuring ꜟArte Flamenco!

Dance Ontario's DanceWeekend is happening January 25 & 26 at the Fleck Dance Theatre, Harbourfront Centre.


Can you tell us a little bit about your company/collective/school?

ꜟArte Flamenco! has been around since 1990 when it was originally formed to represent Spain during the CNE's 'Say Si to Spain' exhibit in the summer of 1990, Its school counterpart was established several years later.

Bringing the Arts to Life 
In 2018-19, our funding of the arts sector reached a total of $261.8 million with the third installment of funds received as part of the progressive doubling of our budget.  With this extra funding, we’re building momentum in bringing the arts to life to the benefit of all Canadians. 

52 Days: tiger princess dance projects/Yvonne Ng

52 Days: On today's countdown to #DanceWeekend20, we are featuring tiger princess dance projects. DanceWeekend is happening January 25 & 26 at the Fleck Dance Theatre, Harbourfront Centre.

Connect with tiger princess dance projects:

Facebook @tigerprincessdanceprojects 

Twitter @yveing

Instagram @tigerprincessdanceprojects 


53 Days: The Platform/Ryan Lee

53 Days: The first company we are featuring on our countdown to #DanceWeekend20 is The Platform / Ryan Lee. Dance Ontario's #DanceWeekend20 is happening January 25 & 26 at Harbourfront Centre's Fleck Dance Theatre.

Connect with The Platform/Ryan Lee: @theplatformto @ryanamaze  #theplatformto


54 Days: Introducing the DanceWeekend'20 Artists

December is finally here, which means our countdown to DanceWeekend'20 begins! Everyday we will feature the artists, companies and schools that will gracing the DanceWeekend stage!

Dance Ontario is so honoured to introduce the DanceWeekend artists:

The Board of Directors at Dancemakers would like to share with you some recent and important news about the organisation’s leadership team.

Montreal environmental activist Steven Guilbeault takes over the heritage portfolio in the new Liberal cabinet..

On Twitter - "My first steps as Minister of Canadian Heritage early this morning. I will stay true to myself, and stand up for our culture with the same passion and determination that people know me for. The #arts and #culture now have another ally in Ottawa".

It’s hard to imagine dance schools surviving and thriving without the use of recorded music. The fees Re:Sound collects (under Tariff 6B of the Copyright Act) ensure music creators receive their royalties when their work is used by businesses such as dance schools.