Toronto Arts Council: 2018 Report

Dec. 21, 2018
2018 highlights:
▲ TAC hosted its first TAC Leaders Lab Alumni Gatherings, bringing together the first three cohorts of this leadership development program to identify and discuss key issues within the arts sector. The hope is that these gatherings will inspire Toronto’s future and current arts leaders to work together to strengthen the sector.
▲ In another effort to support greater sectoral stability, TAC partnered with Ryerson University’s Faculty of Communications and Design to pilot TAC-FCAD Digital Solutions Incubator, a grant program that provides funding to arts organizations and collectives to address organizational challenges using digital technology. By working with Ryerson Creative Impact Supercourse students, arts organizations are not only identifying problems, but coming up with solutions and prototypes that can be developed and used.
▲ The innovative use of digital technology is indeed something that the arts sector is thinking about. In the fall, TAC partnered with Canada Council for the Arts to offer a Digital Symposium for leading arts organizations and artists. The Symposium provided an opportunity for members of the arts and technology communities in Toronto to come together to network, share ideas and learn more about the Canada Council’s Digital Strategy Fund.
▲ TAC piloted its first ever rolling grant deadline, for the Visual Artists program. The change was implemented to offer greater flexibility for Toronto’s visual artists so that their work can be supported at any time in the year. The response was overwhelmingly positive, and in 2019 we’re piloting a rolling deadline for the Indigenous Arts Projects program.
▲ Just this week, we announced the launch of a new pilot program in partnership with the City of Toronto: Animating Toronto Streets – Nuit Blanche. The multidisciplinary program supports temporary art projects taking place in the public right of way during Nuit Blanche Toronto 2019. It’s an exciting new partnership that leverages TAC’s funding expertise to bring more high-calibre arts projects to Nuit Blanche, Toronto's premier public art celebration.
▲ With the addition of the Voluntary Self Identification Form to all grant applications, TAC continues to take the lead on equity and inclusion. The Form makes it possible for us to track who is applying, identify gaps and ensure that grants are awarded in an equitable manner. Results from 2018, the first year that we implemented the Form, will be released in early 2019. To read more about what we’re doing to ensure that our services remain equitable and accessible, visit the Equity and Access page on our website.
▲ In 2018, TAC distributed $18.4 million in grants which helped support our thriving arts scene.
  • $10,691,640 was distributed to 221 arts organizations through our Annual Operating and Multi-Year Operating programs, giving Toronto’s arts institutions the stability and independence to thrive;
  • $2,266,746 was distributed to 269 arts organizations, collectives and individuals through our projects programs, supporting the creation, production and presentation of new work;
  • $3,328,222 was distributed to 174 arts organizations, collectives and individuals through our strategic initiatives programs, opening new possibilities for artists to collaborate, create and present work;
  • $2,125,064 was distributed to 306 artists through our grants to individuals programs, helping artists to explore new concepts independently.
  • In total, TAC assessed 2,447 grant applications with requests of $33,574,979. 
2019 will be TAC’s 45th year, a clear indication of the value that this city – its political representatives and residents – places on the arts. I look forward to continuing to work with all of our constituents to strengthen Toronto through the arts.