The Dance Current: National Call for Contributors

Jan. 15, 2019

National Call for Contributors
The Dance Current is dedicated to broadening the expertise of who’s writing about dance!
As part of our efforts to respectfully represent the breadth of dance forms practised in
Canada, The Dance Current (TDC) is seeking dance artists with writing experience to review
and illuminate dances and dance forms that are underserved or marginalized by traditional
discourse. We aim to make space for dancers or writers with dance expertise who are
interested in critically engaging with performance in relation to their own practices,
communities, sensibilities and ways of being.
Deadline: this is an ongoing call.
If you’re interested, contact TDC editor Emma Doran at or
by phone at 1(800) 891-7019. Please indicate where in Canada you’re located, what
dance/performance form(s) you’re knowledgeable in and any ideas you’re curious about.
About The Dance Current
The Dance Current magazine takes the reader inside the art and culture of dance in Canada.
The publication has two components: a bi-monthly print magazine and a supplementary web
component highlighting performance reviews from across the country and providing online
resources for dancers and audiences.
Regular print issues include artist profiles, interviews, feature articles, opinions and critical
commentary from people in the profession, plus event highlights to keep readers informed
about upcoming performances.
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Job Date: 
Tuesday, January 15, 2019 - 12:45pm
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