Resistance - Practicing Through Change

Resistance - Practicing Through Change

Presented by the PoundsArt Channel (lbs/sq")

Revelry: The act of revealing

Join Gerry Trentham and fellow poet & dancer Learie Mc Nicolls to experience how the body, voice and human imagination move and move others when essential resistance is relieved through revelry. The word ‘revelry' originated in the 1400’s meaning "the act of revealing”. This workshop invites participants of all levels to witness and explore Learie Mc Nicolls’ imaginative practice and process that ignites his artistry and poetry. Gerry Trentham will then invite you into practice that focuses on sensitizing the body to sound and move what seems immobile, releasing and revealing in ways that re-integrate the body and the voice.

Date & Time

Tuesday November 17th 1:00pm - 2:30pm


Meet Learie.

The work of Learie Mc Nicolls includes movement, spoken word, music and sound scape design. His work is highly physical and emotionally demanding and he speaks from his soul. In addition to more than 60 works to his credit, Learie also holds four Dora Mavor Moore nominations and two Dora awards. His recent works include: Under-world 7 a one man show tracing his history in the Caribbean, and the immigrant experience in Toronto, and Tongue Bully, his short film of spoken word, chosen for the Sundance Film Festival. Over three decades on stage he has guested with Desrosiers Dance Theatre, the National Ballet of Cuba, and been a principal dancer at Dancemakers and Toronto Dance Theatre. He considers himself a Movement Analyst. Where words fail movement and gestures begin. Where dance falters, poetry has full swing. On the aging of the dancer’s body he says…from infant to ancient. He currently lives in Hamilton and has an awesome son Maxx.


Meet Gerry.

Gerry Trentham, Artistic Director of lbs/sq" performance has written, choreographed and directed over 40 works for the stage including the Dora nominated Four Mad Humours (2011) with live-feed performances between the US and Canada, his epic work Cathedral (1988) was listed top ten in NOW Magazine and The Toronto Star and most recently the extraordinary William Yong film version of his choreography Monument (2020) performed by the award-winning artist Michael Caldwell. Over three decades he has been internationally acclaimed for his performances with 7 Dora Mavor Moore nominations most recently as a cast and voice director of Denise Fujiwara's hit EUNOIA. His ten-year association with Denise Fujiwara pioneered new voice/Butoh practices and a twenty-year association with the renowned core faculty of Canada’s National Voice Intensive (now the Moving Voice Institute) has led him to four continents to teach his synthesis of body/voice practice. He holds a BA Hon in Recreation/Arts Admin from the University of Alberta and an MFA in Theatre Performance and a Graduate Diploma in Voice Teaching from York University in Toronto. Beyond the arts in his work with fellow Trentham Foundation founder, entrepreneurial and career coach Martina Payette he has coached and taught numerous business leaders in their pursuit of greater physical and vocal presence in their work life. His teaching helps bodies uncover their innate voice and movement range and to reveal those moments through articulate expansive presence.

Tuesday, November 17, 2020 - 1:00pm to 2:30pm