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London Dance Festival - Spring Showcase Virtual Variation

London Dance Festival Spring Showcase - Virtual Varaition

London artists are doing dance a little differently this year. Watch as Argentine tango meets ballet in a boxing ring, see a bellydancer’s veil takes on the role of protagonist, experience a contemporary solo through new angles as the camera becomes part of the dance, and immerse yourself in flamenco footwork and live music mixed with the sounds of nature.

allies and friends: May Edition

Wind in the Leaves Collective Presents: allies and friends


Featuring works by Sheniz Janmohamed, Ceinwen Gobert and ‘Wind in The Leaves collective’ members.

With performances by Sukriti Sharma and ‘Wind in The Leaves collective’ members; Charles C Smith, Kevin A. Ormsby, Bakari Lindsay, Shannon Litzenberger, Jillia Cato, Ana Groppler, Yui Ugai, Morgyn Aronyk-Schell, Benjamin Russell and Claire Whitaker.

Live Performances - May 27th and 28th @ the Citadel

Livestream - May 28th (available until May 30th @11:59PM)

The Miserere Project

Bright Nights Presents: The Miserere Project

Produced by Danielle Baskerville

On the 40th anniversary of the creation of David Earle’s celebrated masterwork, Miserere, three choreographers have been commissioned to create contemporary responses using Earle’s Miserere as their creative seed. The evening will be comprised of three world premieres by choreographers Penny Couchie, Same As Sister (S.A.S.), and Brodie Stevenson as well as a remount of Earle’s Miserere in its’ original form for fifteen dancers.