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Balancing Practice with Tedd Robinson

Balancing Practice

with Tedd Robinson

Sunday September 30

10:00am – 12:00pm

509 Parliament St, Studio C

Cost: $20

Exploring creativity, from my standpoint, is exploring the complete unknown. It is acknowledging and accessing an open space of unknown identity. This is just one way to create and I do not deny the myriad other ways of creative thinking.


Kaeja 2018 Intensive

During this week-long dance intensive, current investigations by each of the Kaeja’s will be excavated and shared. Participants will also collaborate in building a scored work with Karen and Allen Kaeja, devising ensemble physical engagement and harnessing personal material through kinetic partnering, sensorial and theatrical investigations.

Workshop Series with special focus on various age groups

Brain Dance Movement Workshops feature a movement technique that is shown to reorganize the neurological system; increase blood and oxygen flow to the respiratory system and brain; enhance core support, connectivity and alignment; and deepen your understanding of the elements of dance technique.  It is also effective in calming behavioural upsets in the classroom.

Thursday Nights This Fall