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Windsor Dance Network Community Meeting with Dance Ontario

Peter Kelly, the newly appointed Provincial Network Coordinator for Dance Ontario, will be attending this event.

This meeting will involve further discussion regarding the Trillium funded Dance Ontario initiative and it is an open event. Please feel free to invite everyone from the local dance community.

Research to Practice (R2P) Talk Series - Stress, Coping, and Support: Psychosocial Considerations for Peak Performance

Speaker: Dr. Katherine Tamminen, Assistant Professor, Faculty of Kinesiology & Physical Education


Hosted by: Ryerson University School of Performance

Research to Practice Talk Series: Affecting How Artists Move

In this inaugural event of the Research to Practice (R2P) Talk Series, Professor Tim Welsh unpacks the process through which an artist observes others at their practice and uses those observations to shape their own work. Challenging the notion of "passive viewers", this talk reveals the many ways in which spectators understand art through references to their own body and action capabilities. Drawing on research involving dance, music and graphic arts, he delves deep into the brain to uncover how it allows us to view, interpret and then perform art.