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body listening - movement for any/all creative/performing bodies

Join the incredible Heidi Strauss This morning workshop wakes up the body’s awareness of sensation and relationship to space.  Through games and tasks, tools will be introduced to play with physical states, inviting increased sensitivity to individual moments for individual bodies. 

A safe lab for personal exploration, we’ll focus on the body’s capacity to experience feeling as a direct result of attention to physical direction, and in turn understand the co-relation between the way we inhabit our bodies and the way our bodies can be read.


Summer Dance Intensive at Quinte Ballet School of Canada

AUDITIONS IN JANUARY - VISIT OUR WEBSITE FOR MORE INFORMATION.  Quinte Ballet School of Canada's Summer Dance Intensive is a three-week program that provides students with a challenging and rewarding dance experience within a safe and creative community.  Students dance from Monday to Friday for approximately 22 hours per week. With an emphasis on versatility and technique, classes include:  Ballet Technique, Pointe Work, Boy’s Work, Repertoire, Modern, Spanish/Flamenco, Jazz, Hip Hop, Conditioning

PROFESSIONAL TRAINING PROGRAM (PTP)     Audition Required  Attending the Summer Dance Intensive offers both the students and the faculty an opportunity to work together in a studio environment to see if QBSC is the right fit for you as a potential full-time professional student.  Visit AUDITION for more information.

OPEN TRAINING PROGRAM (OTP)     Audition Not Required  Designed to provide a challenging Summer Dance experience, this is an excellent option for those students who are not necessarily looking for a full time professional program.  However, an OTP student may be offered acceptance to the full time professional training program based on talent and commitment displayed.

PTP and OTP students take classes together, including special workshops, and are placed in levels according to their age and ability.