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Dance Ontario's Creative Partnership Program will provide $2,000 in production/creation support to each of two choreographers for NEW work to be premiered at DanceWeekend'18 next January. Choreographers whose membership is current at the time of submission are eligible to apply.

All forms of dance will be considered and two works each approximately 15 minutes in length will be selected.

We are sad to hear that the Board of Directors and the Founder of the Canadian Society for Dance Studies/La Société canadienne d’études en danse have voted to dissolve the organization.
Our sincere thanks to Amy Bowring for her tireless work.

As you may know The London Dance Festival has undergone a metamorphosis since our last summer festival. They have been diligently working to create a new, more exciting, and community focused dance experience. In this rejuvenation they have incorporated as a non-profit and are going through a re-branding process.You are invited to go with them on their new adventure and participate in year-round dance initiatives for all Londoners.

The AFC is pleased to announce a Public Service Announcement on The AFC – the lifeline for Canada’s entertainment industry - is now airing on CBC TV and The 60-second spot, which showcases how even the most celebrated performers and technicians can find themselves needing help after an unforeseen event upends their lives, can also be viewed here.

Dear Minister McMahon,

Dance Ontario Association is contacting you at this time to draw your attention to the alarming outcomes emerging within the not for profit arts sector as a result of decreased funding from Ontario Arts Council to the individuals and institutions that create and disseminate dance in this province. Increased investment in the Ontario Arts Council is urgently needed in order for this major economic driver to begin to address losses to the sector through inflationary pressures and to begin to meet demands due to population growth.

The Canada Dance Mapping Study resulted in three major online initiatives that are interactive and present some of the findings in innovative ways!

Members note that The Paula Moreno Spanish Dance Company has a COSTUME SALE on Sunday 26 Fe., from noon until 4pm at Carmen Romero Studios, 228 Merton St., 2nd Floor, Toronto.
Telephone 416 924 6991

We am greatly concerned about the property tax assessment levied on arts designated buildings such as 401 Richmond Street West and The Distillery District and its potentially disastrous effect on the cultural community that works there.  

Two individuals whose initiatives have benefited the dance community over the past few years will be acknowledged during DanceWeekend'17 with Community Service Awards.

The Dance Ontario Awards Committee is delighted to announce that Tess Vosper will be the recipient of this year's Jacque Foesier Youth Dance Award. The ceremony will take place on Sunday, January 22, 2017 during DanceWeekend at the Fleck Dance Theatre in Toronto.

15 year old Tess studies at Milton's The Dance Class and at Cawthra Park Secondary School.