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Dance Ontario Association has now completed discussions with Re:SOUND regarding that organization's updated Tariff 6b covering use of music for teaching. Fees for 2015 and 2016 should be calculated by multiplying $0.348 x the number of classes per year*.

RE:SOUND will offer Dance Ontario members coverage from  2008 to 2016, provided that:

Arts Stats 2016, a public survey commissioned by Toronto Arts Foundation and conducted by Leger, reveals that for the third year running there are high levels of support for the arts in Toronto. 

Vivine Scarlett will be heading a delegation to the UK next month for a ground-breaking international conference, Re:generations,  dedicated to providing a platform for academic and artistic practices of dance of the African Diaspora. Participants include KasheDance, Esie Mensah, Jasmyn Fyffe, and John Alleyne.

Too few understand the economic impact of culture, and we miss opportunities as a result. "Culture industries contribute more to our economy than accommodation and food ($38 billion) or utilities ($43 billion). Sports fans will be surprised to hear the direct economic impact of culture is 10 times that of the sports sector ($6.1 billion)".

A visit to Windsor in mid August was truly inspiring with a meeting of dancers, choreographers and teachers crowding a charming donated meeting space in the city's SHO Gallery.
Responses from close to 50 people practicing more than a dozen different dance styles generated a full house and guaranteed lively discussions at a meeting led by Taisa Petruk (Dance Ontario Regional Network Coordinator) and facilitated by Arts Council Windsor & Region (Lara Service, Interim ED and Sue Cole, Board Member).

   It is with much regret that the Board and staff of Dance Ontario announce the passing of Founding Board Chair, Jacque Foesier on July 12, 2016. Mr.