Feb. 15, 2018
City Council passed its 2018 operating budget on February 12, including a $2 million increase to arts funding, $500,000 of which will go to Toronto Arts Council. With this increase, the City has finally met its longstanding $25 per capita funding target. We thank and acknowledge City Council for all its good work contributing to this achievement.
Additionally, City Council has approved a 50% property tax break for creative co-location facilities which is very good news for arts hubs including 401 Richmond and Artscape.
Finally, Councillor Crawford presented the following motion, which was approved: "City Council direct the General Manager, Economic Development and Culture to report back in time for the 2019 Budget process on a multi-year plan based on the results of research and analysis benchmarking the City of Toronto's investment in culture relative to other comparable jurisdictions and on assessing the likely impacts of future increases of $2 million per year to culture funding beginning in 2019."
Thank you to all artists and arts supporters who spoke at Budget Committee or contacted the Mayor and City Councillors in support of increased arts support. Collectively our voices had an impact.
Please don’t hesitate to contact Susan Wright any time if you have questions or would like additional information:; 416-392-6802 x211.