Hails & Farewells...or the other way around?!

Nov. 10, 2017

Dance Ontario has said goodbye to Network Coordinator Peter Kelly. His great work in the regions this past year has moved our main outreach project, funded by the Ontario Trillium Foundation, a step closer to stabilizing the three new networks in Sudbury, Windsor and Algoma/St Ste Marie.  In that position, we are now delighted to welcome Grace Smith (left) who holds a BFA-Honours in Dance from York University. Grace is a choreographer, performer, and teacher with production experience, who also serves as Editorial Intern at The Dance Current.  She will be working out of our main offices in The Distillery District.

Lauren Foy our Coordinator for the Sudbury Dance Network has also stepped down after a busy year in that dance hub.  Taking over from her will be Emma Duncan who will continue Lauren's networking activities.

Finally, Dance Ontario has welcomed Jessica Pasqua who is joining us on a work placement program from York University to focus on DanceWeekend's 25th Anniversary. In addition to being a performer and teacher, she is also a gymnastics coach.

We look forward to working with them all as they bring fresh approaches and ideas to our organization!