Cirque du Soleil casts George Brown Dance Alumnus in lead role

Dec. 20, 2017

George Brown Dance alumnus Nobahar Dadui has been cast as the lead performer in Cirque du Soleil’s exciting new production Crystal -  A breakthrough ice experience. Nobahar is a graduate of the 2013 Dance Preparation program and spoke about how George Brown Dance prepared her to take on this lead role.

Art is important, and we all are wired differently. GBC has afforded me the ability to appreciate and adapt to different forms of art. GBD refined my skills to help prepare me for the artistic and athletic requirements that are demanded of Cirque du Soleil artists, as well as other professional dance opporunties.

The George Brown College Dance Program invests in the future of their students. The teachers passionately work with their students to develop the skills required to become a professional in the arts and entertainment industry. It is worth every moment. I came out stronger and far more knowledgeable after my time at George Brown Dance.” - Nobahar Dadui