Calling All Choreographers

Sep. 13, 2017


Ontario-based choreographers are invited to meet to discuss the state of our field, to come together to discuss the issues that affect our working lives.

Are you aware that -

  • Toronto has an increasing number of large-scale dance presenters but fewer adequately funded dance companies to perform for them?
  • that it is almost impossible for Toronto choreographers to mount a large-scale work and maintain it for touring?
  • or that even with the recent increase to OAC, choreographers in Montreal have access to almost twice as much funding as we in Toronto, and we also lag behind our colleagues in Vancouver?

As a sector, Toronto choreographers rarely take the opportunity to discuss the working conditions of our particular field.  The specific issues of choreographers are rarely addressed by the milieu and that is partly because we don't speak up about our common concerns or make collective demands.  I believe that we need to come together now to articulate the issues and needs of professional choreographers, especially now as the field of dance presentation is evolving rapidly in Toronto,

It is difficult for individuals to request change and demand action from other sectors that affect us such as presenters, funders, unions and venues. Your participation will allow us to identify the most problematic issues so that we can assess and plan how to take action most powerfully to affect change and development for our community of choreographers.

Sunday, October 15, 2017 from 2:00 - 5:00 pm @ The Citadel, 304 Parliament Street, Toronto.

RSVP if you can to 416 204 1083 or - it will help us plan refreshments.  Or just show up!

Meeting facilitated by Jane Marsland.
Sponsored by Dance Ontario Association and the Canadian Dance Assembly

Image: Desiraeda Dance Theatre