9 Days: City Dance Corps

Jan. 09, 2018

Only 9 more days until DanceWeekend 25th Anniversary Edition! We're down to single digits!
​City Dance Corps will be kicking off the second day of perfomances with a Tango piece! Catch this performance on Saturday January 20 at 1:00pm!

About the work:
Shades of Tango​ explores the dynamic relationships between partners in traditional Argentine Tango as well as contemporary fusion. The passionate embrace and powerful lines are all expressed to the music of Tango greats such as Piazzolla and Pugliese.
About City Dance Corps:
​City Dance Corps is a dance studio located in the heart of downtown Toronto. As well as offering a wide range of drop in classes for adults and youth, City Dance Corps has an extensive Tango program that includes weekly classes, practicas, milongas, annual Tango retreats to Buenos Aires, and frequent guest instructiors from Buenos Aires. Visit www.citydancecorps.com or follow @citydancecorps on social media to begin your love affair with the Tango.