46 Days: Jaberi Dance Theatre

Nov. 28, 2017

46 days until Dance Weekend 25th Anniversary Edition!

Today we'd like to introduce Jaberi Dance Theatre!

They will be performing on Saturday January 20 at 4:40pm at DanceWeekend 25th Anniversary Edition!

1. Can you tell us little bit about your company/collective/school?

Jaberi Dance Theatre is contemporary performing art company that serves to support the research, creation and presentation of Roshanak Jaberi’s artistic work. The company is committed to exploring socially and politically relevant content that highlights the stories and lived experiences of culturally diverse women, while providing a platform for intercultural collaboration and exchange.​

2. Can you talk about your creative process? What inspires you?

Our process is research informed, collaborative and is rooted in social justice based content. We are interested in and inspired by the intersection of dance with other art forms.

3. Do you have any other up-coming performances/events you would like to share?

In the Spring of 2019 the company will premiere its new production of No Woman’s Land. Details will be available on our website www.jaberidt.com

4. What is one thing you love most about your dance community?

The spectrum of artistic expression.

5. What does performing at the 25th Annual DanceWeekend mean to you?

Celebrating the artists who paved the way to the new generation of creators and performers.

6. What is one surprising/interesting fact about your company/collective/school?

We support each other’s artistic growth.