45 Days: Little Pear Garden Dance Company

Dec. 05, 2017






45 days until DanceWeekend 25th Anniversary Edition!

Little Pear Garden Dance Company will be performing on Sunday January 21 at 2:30pm!

Find out more about them:

  1. Can you tell us a little bit about your company/collective/school?
    Little Pear Garden Dance Company has been established for 25 years. We are a non-profit professional Chinese dance company in Toronto showcasing folk, traditional and contemporary. We offer educational workshops and presentations. Each year we have an annual show as well as master classes from visiting master teachers from Asia.
  2. What will you be showing at DanceWeekend?
    We will be showcasing a Mongolian dance piece as well as a Chinese contemporary dance piece this year. The Mongolian dance piece involves movements that are very wide and grounded and many of the movements are generated from activities of local daily life such as horseback riding and wrestling. The Chinese contemporary dance piece is inspired by Chinese aesthetics, but offers very different angles of movements through the use of body kinesthetics. 
  3. Do you have any other performances/events you would like to share?
    We just completed our annual performance "Tales of China" on November 17 and 18, 2017 at the Betty Oliphant Theatre.
  4. What is one thing you love most about your dance community?
    Our dance community embraces diversity and creativity. We are very privileged to work in an environment that nurtures emerging artists, allowing them to grow.
  5. What does performing at the 25th Annual DanceWeekend mean to you?
    In celebration of the 25th Annual DanceWeekend, we would like to applaud Rosslyn Jacob Edwards and the staff at Dance Ontario for creating a platform for all levels of professional artists to showcase works and making it accessible for audiences.
  6. What is one surprising/interesting fact about your company/collective/school?
    Our name Pear Garden originated from Tang Dynasty in 600 A.D. It was the first Arts Institution ever created in China. Our company started with Peking Opera and slowly evolved into Chinese Dance.

    Visit their website for more information: https://littlepeargarden.com/

    Photo by: Victor Tan