Jul. 13, 2017

We are searching for a new store manager and we think it might be you!

  • Dance experience is a must
  • Managerial & retail experience is a plus
  • Strong team leader
  • Exception communication skills
  • Fundamental computer skills is an asset


As the store manager, you are the leader of your retail location and oversee the day-to-day operations of the store; its sales associate employees, assistant managers, and customers.  You lead and manage a team that is passionate about delivering the best dance products that meet the customer’s needs. Your responsibilities span the entire spectrum of what is needed to make the store run as smoothly and successfully as possible.  You carry yourself in a suitable manner by acting as a role model to all employees. You are aware of everything happening in the store and proper operating procedures to ensure that all employees are doing their job correctly and to their full potential. You answer questions and make decisions related to your store location.  You control the overall appearance and inventory of the store, ensuring that it is maintained properly. As the leader of the store you are always polite, knowledgeable and understanding when dealing with employees and customers. You are to treat all employees as part of the Dancewear Centre family and must make sure any issues and shortcomings of theirs are dealt with in a quick and polite manner. Motivate and be a leader!

Job Responsibilities

The store manager’s responsibility is the smooth operation of the retail store and it’s employees.  These responsibilities can be divided into Operations, Staff, and Inventory Management:

Operations Management

  • Control all aspects of in store operations and management, including customer service and maintaining the store environment
  • Implement, control, and maintain all company and store policies
  • Manage and help correct any customer concerns to enhance customer satisfaction
  • Handle all issues that arise from staff and customers
  • Help customers in their questions and purchases
  • Be a liaison to teachers and studio owners in their time at the store
  • Maintain professional and technical knowledge by attending tradeshows, reading product information, consulting with manufacturers
  • Develop business strategies to increase customer traffic, expand customer pool, optimize profitability
  • Report on buying trends and customer needs
  • Provide innovative ideas to increase market share
  • Coordinate dance studio fittings
  • Understand website functionality online order processes

Staff Management

  • Coordinate and set employee schedules
  • Train and manage sales associates and assistant managers to ensure they have everything they need to be successful
  • Relay and policy changes to all employees
  • Motivate your employees to succeed and improve
  • Meet sales goals by training, motivating and mentoring sales staff
  • Ensure compliance of policies and procedures by all employees
  • Conduct sales associate and assistant manager performance evaluations to assess training needs
  • Maintains staff by recruiting, hiring, and training and disciplining all in store staff
  • Keep all staff up to date on new product and policies, discontinued items, studio uniform changes, and any relevant changes with the store.

Inventory Management

  • Place stock product orders and special orders on a consistent and/or scheduled basis
  • Input the received stock orders into inventory
  • Consult operations manager on new products
  • Coordinate and conduct yearly stock counts
  • Coordinate product returns to manufacturers
  • Go through new products and product viewings with suppliers
  • Consult sales/marketing manager regarding in store sales and store layout
  • Ensure product availability by maintaining inventories on the floor and ordering inventories
  • Maintain standards of outstanding store condition and visual merchandising
  • Research new products
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1150 Sheppard Ave. W Unit 11
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