Regional Networks

Dance Ontario continues to expand its regional networks with generous funding from the Ontario Trillium Foundation.
Sudbury, Windsor and Algoma/Sault Ste. Marie have joined London (LDN), Halton (HDN) and Dufferin (DDN).
The Association will continue to act as a catalyst for collaborators drawn from local arts councils, public school boards, dance studios, and local professional artists who will promote and encourage increased sustainable dance activities.
Enriching people’s lives through arts, culture and heritage, this initiative will build access to arts-based learning opportunities and compelling artistic, cultural and heritage experiences, and will impact on the lives of 11,000 people in the communities served.
Dance Ontario recognizes and thanks the Ontario Trillium Foundation for its commitment to increasing access to dance across the province.
A leading grantmaking foundation in Canada, the Ontario Trillium Foundation strengthens the capacity of the voluntary sector through investments in community-based initiatives. An agency of the Government of Ontario, OTF builds healthy and vibrant communities.  For more information on the Foundation, please visit the website at:

Regional networks activities were a result of outcomes from Dance Ontario's Connecting The Dots Conference which was an exceptionally inspiring and motivating three days! Delegates identified nine priority areas over three sub-sectors (Education/Artists & Venues/Studios) and then broke down needs across the regions. Locations for support  were London/Orangeville & Barrie/Orillia with the possible inclusion of an exchange project; Sudbury/North Bay; and Halton, Milton, Burlington, Hamilton. These communities are developing partnerships across the sub-sectors and bringing enhanced or new activities to broader markets within their regions.

The conference was shaped by staff and board over a period of 18 months and funded by the Ontario Trillium Foundation. Our sincere thanks go to all who attended for their honesty and passion,as well as those who performed from young dancers to professional companies who thrilled us with their artistry.
Download the report here.


Dance Ontario has said goodbye to Network Coordinator Peter Kelly. His great work in the regions this past year has moved our main outreach project, funded by the Ontario Trillium Foundation, a step closer to stabilizing the three new networks in Sudbury, Windsor and Algoma/St Ste Marie. In that position, we are now delighted to welcome Grace Smith (left) who holds a BFA-Honours in Performance and Choreography from York University. In addition to her work with Dance Ontario, Grace works as a writer and the circulation and production coordinator at The Dance Current, as a teacher and as an independent choreographer, performer and stage manager. She will be working out of our main offices in The Distillery District.

Dufferin Dance Network (DDN) Catherine Carpenko (Coordinator)

2017 Update: The DDN has established a very active Facebook page offering current events ithroughout the region. A local studio offers space to its members for a variety of classes including those for autistic children.  The region continues to offer the popular Ecstatic Dance monthly workshops.

Halton DanceNetwork (HDN) Kate Lowe and Alan Faisal (Coordinators).

Feb 2018 Update: Since December, the HDN has had their logo designed, have increased their Facebook presence, and are moving forward with heartBEATZ 2018. heartBEATZ is one of the performance groups of the HDN that for the past three years has been commissioning a local choreographer to create an original dance piece to be performed at Culture Days. The network has now met with and made a tentative agreement with a potential choreographer

2017 Update: The network continued to work in the community and building their relationship with three dance studios. They have also established a relationship with an HDSB elementary school in Burlington with hopes to expand into Oakville and Milton Schools.  In celebration of International Dance Day they will be part of the Fluorescence  Festival that provides a full day of workshops in various styles as well as a collaborative dance presentation to approx. 250 students in the HDSB.

London (LDN) Bizz Varty (Coordinator)

Feb 2018 Update: The LDN is moving forward with their Spring Showcase application process. They are also in the preliminary planning stages with community partners to increase more year-round work for dancers in London.

2017 Update: After its Spring Showcase last month, the London Dance Festival is offering spring choreography dance intensives led by Sharon Moore.  The showcase featured 15 unique companies located in the London area.
Message from Bizz Varty: "The London dance community came out in great force to support us and enjoyed an astounding night of performances. We are so grateful to all the artists and volunteers who made the event unforgettable.  At festival headquarters we are working hard to bring you some exciting things in the next few months. In April we are offering a four day adult choreography intensive with Sharon Moore, plus an opportunity for youth to work with Sharon as well. The summer festival is fast approaching you can find application forms on our website and links on our Facebook page. We are also thrilled to begin announcing some of the incredible artists that will be performing in the summer festival from June 30 to July 2.

"Please stay tuned for more exciting updates and come out and join the fun!"

Windsor & Chatham (WDN) Taisa Petruk (Coordinator)

Feb 2018 Update: The WDN is excited to announce its participation in the creation of ParkDances: a festival of dance. This is the first dance festival in the Windsor-Essex region presenting local dancers and troupes as well as Tentacle Tribe and HNM Dance Company. In March 2018, the network will host an archiving workshop for the greater Windsor-Essex arts community that will be facilitated by Amy Bowring, director of Collections and Research at Dance Collection Danse in Toronto.

2017 Update: The newly formed network continues to meet  regularly and recently participated in the Ontario Secondary School Dance Festival (OSSDF). Network Coordinator Peter Kelly participated and will serve on the steering committee for 2018. This is the second of three years for the event to be held in Windsor.

Algoma/Sault Ste Marie (ASSM) Richard Kim (Coordinator)

2017 Update: The ASSMDN is looking to incorporate in order to bring on board local studios and to look at developing a possible scholarship fund for young dancers.

Sudbury (SDN) Emma Duncan (Coordinator)

Feb 2018 Update: Since December, the SDN has been taking steps to expand. Regional Coordinator Emma Duncan attended a meeting with the Branch Summer Dance Intensive, representing the SDN, to discuss ideas on how to increase dance enthusiasm in Sudbury. At the end of January, the network held a succesful live-stream event to watch Dance Ontario's Dance Weekend.

2017 Update: Lauren Foy our Coordinator for the Sudbury Dance Network has stepped down after a busy year in that dance hub. Taking over from her will be Emma Duncan who will continue Lauren's networking activities. Currently, she is scheduling inital meetings.

Scheduled for 2018 - conference for the six dance networks to interface, discuss regional issues and set up exchanges.