Dance Ontario Awards

Vivine Scarlett: Recipient of the Dance Ontario Lifetime Achievement Award

Vivine Scarlett, recipient of the Dance Ontario Lifetime Achievement Award on January 22, 2017 @ the Fleck Dance Theatre [image by John Lauener].
Nominated by Kate Cornell of the Canadian Dance Assembly and Kevin Ormsby, Artistic Director of KasheDance, Vivine Scarlett has been active in the dance community for over 34 years and is the founder and curator of dance Immersion.
Says Kevin Ormsby  "She is an unsung leader deserving of recognition. It was in 1994 that I first fell under the spell of her charismatic and nurturing demeanor; this is now an innate part of my artistic being.  As a Toronto Arts Council Cultural Leaders Fellow, and the Victor Martyn Lynch Staunton Award recipient (2014) at the Canada Council for the Arts, I owe these as well as the development and visibility of KasheDance to the hard, focused and directed guidance of Vivine Scarlett. I can confidently say, I am not the only one. The International Blacks in Dance Conference (IABD) (previously held ONLY in the USA), now considers Toronto a second hosting city because of Ms. Scarlett. Who else could have had an International commission previously unperformed by any other company other than the National Dance Theatre Company of Jamaica? The piece Pocomania brought together dancers of diverse backgrounds and companies from Toronto to learn but also perform together at the 2012 conference; an unforgettable moment in Canadian dance history, spearheaded by this unsung leader.
                   The only Ontario presenter of Dance rooted in the African Diasporic Aesthetics, dance Immersion grounds and solidifies the profile of many diverse emerging, mid-career, established artists and companies through its networking, professional development, showcasing and presentation opportunities. One cannot underscore the workshops held in the dance community led by some of the world's most noted instructors in diverse Dance practice from the African Diaspora. Rewinding time to Vivine’s days as a member of Usafari Drum and Dance Ensemble, in the late 1980s, one can understand that she has nurtured, grown, supported and produced the next “Critical Organic Catalysts” of Canada’s artistic future. Compassionate, gracious and humble, Vivine Scarlett is truly deserving of the Dance Ontario Lifetime Achievement Award for her distinct contribution to dance in Canada and her role in building a more pluralist and open dance community."

                  “Ms. Scarlett’s passion has manifested many experiences that have served Canadian artists of African descent with opportunities that have laid a foundation for continued growth and representation”  said Kate Cornell.


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  • Mimi Beck (2007)
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  • Nadia Potts Gomez (2013)
  • Vivine Scarlett (2016)

Currently Lifetime Achievement Award recipients receive $1,000 and an original bronze sculpture, Winged Torso, cast in bronze.  Created by Patricia Moody, it is one of a limited edition and is embued with a sense of motion and grace, ideally honouring its recipients. Patricia Moody was born in Staffordshire, England and trained at the Burslem School of Art.  She has been a member of the Group of Sculptors Nine and has produced a series of etchings at the Open Studio.  She is known in Canada and the U.K. and has been commissioned to produce bronze portraits.  Her works have been exhibited in Toronto at the Mantra Gallery.

Jacque Foesier Youth Dance Award

- annual award seeks to recognize exceptional young dancers ages 19 & under who are not only pursuing excellence in their craft but go above and beyond making a difference in the lives of others and/or contributing to the dance community.
In 2016/17, due to the generosity of the Foesier Family and their friends, the recipient will also receive a cash award.

PAST RECIPIENTS: Makeda Benitez, Isabella Rapino, Madison Gray

Tess Vosper: recipient of this year's Jacque Foesier Youth Dance Award.
15 year old Tess studies at Milton's The Dance Class and at Cawthra Park Secondary School.
The words passion, dedication and commitment are constantly used to describe Tess. We have had the privilege of being able to work with Tess intensively over the last five years as a student in dance and a teacher in training. She is dedicated to the art of dance and to sharing her passion with others. "
Ashley & Kelly Summers, The Dance Class, Milton

Image:Tess Vosper

For more information check out the NominationForm2016.pdf

Dance Ontario also offers awards in the following categories:

The Dance Innovation Award in recognition of a special or forward-thinking initiative undertaken by an individual.
2010 Recipient: Eroca Nicols
2013 Recipient: Apolonia Velasquez and Ofilio Portillo

The Community Service Award (occasional) to recognize an individual's support for the dance community.
Past recipients John Newton, Ted Fox, Alan Page, Patrick Kutney.
2017 recipients are Colin Anthony (posthumously) and Kenny Pearl